deck from treated wood which is a large part

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deck from treated wood which is a large part Empty deck from treated wood which is a large part

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Doralco's COMPOSITEcore Composite Panels division offers a wide variety of Aluminum Composite Panels and installation systems to meet unique building applications. Doralco specializes in design, engineering and fabrication of exterior architectural composite cladding systems. COMPOSITEcore's highly skilled production, proactive project management and detail-oriented approach ensure comprehensive quality and accuracy throughout the entire design development to fabrication process. Our engineering and fabrication facility is state of the art utilizing the latest in computer software and fabrication technology to ensure unparalleled quality and service. We offer both a dry joint rainscreen and wet joint composite panel systems. composite fence panel

In partnership with Reynobond ®, Alpolic ®, and Alucobond ®, COMPOSITEcore offers a variety of standard color coil-coated acm with options in zinc, brushed aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium, kevlar, anodized, stone and wood timber finishes to choose from, the design options are endless. The finished composite panel provides the rigidity and strength of composite cladding construction with excellent architectural flatness for creating smooth, monolithic surfaces, exceptional load-bearing capacity and flexural strength - all with the virtual elimination of dimpling, buckling and oil canning.

Deck25 composite decking extends the sun lounge of Ballaghboy Lodge guest house in Ballinafad, Co Sligo. The Deck25 low maintenance composite decking and handrail system will never have to be painted or treated, looks fantastic and adds to the beauty of the Lodge blending comfortably into its natural surroundings.

composites and cellular's range greatly in cost, your basic composites, which are more than adequate for most projects are going to be your best buy, but still rely on petroleum and are influences by the oil market. Expect to pay quite a bit more then treated wood for even the cheapest basic composite (roughly 3 times), but remember you still frame the deck from treated wood which is a large part of the overall materials. The higher end composites and Cellular PVC boards can get outright expensive, some in the $3 and up linear ft area (this is exotic wood pricing!) These high end features come with a high price tag but the higher end composites do outshine their low cost competition. Cheap composite decking

Another special consideration when building composite decks to be aware of: With all the different colors and types of composites and many of them being special order, it can be frustrating when ordering materials for a project. You want to have enough materials to finish the project and you don't want to cut it too close or short yourself. But, you don't want to sit on several boards (or more) of every color and style of decking product you have worked with. In fact this can add quite a bit of money to each job, especially when you cannot return the extras at all (sometimes there is just a restocking fee). It is just a shame to see a short stack of perfectly good composite decking tossed in the dumpster of finding their way to the landfill because the job is done and there is no home for the extras. With standard materials like treated wood or ipe etc. you simply order a bit strong and use the leftovers on the next job, it just gets very tricky with all the variety and colors of composites. Some builders and suppliers will just stick to one or maybe two composite brands and limit the amount of colors they offer to combat this.

The deck will be a step up from your existing porch which adds a nice flair. The framing consists of pressure treated 2 x 6 lumber 12" on center that will sit on cement blocks. There will be pressure treated 4 x 4 posts set in concrete footings. This will prevent the deck from shifting since we will not be attaching the deck to the house. I chose a composite decking called "Latitude" which will be attached to the floor joists with the proper fasteners (deck screws). I've chosen 4 x 4 cedar posts with ball caps that will be used for the railing system. There will be 2 x 4 cedar rails with a 2 x 6 cedar cap. Instead of 2 x 2 cedar balusters, I've selected contoured wrought iron balusters that will be attached to the 2 x 4 cedar rails. To finish off the deck, we'll install cedar skirting around the perimeter of the deck.

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