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Wood-plastic material with a water-resistant

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Wood-plastic material with a water-resistant Empty Wood-plastic material with a water-resistant

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Wood-plastic floor to keep dry and clean and do not use a lot of water washing, floor partial attention to avoid long-term flooding. Floor with grease and stains, clear, warm water for processing household soft, neutral detergent the best special floor cleaning and floor supporting protection solution cleaning. Do not use alkaline, soapy water and corrosive liquids contact with the floor surface, not to wipe the floor with gasoline and other flammable items, and other high-temperature liquid. Wood plastic composite Marine Board

No waxing and paint do not use sandpaper polished Laminate flooring Unlike solid wood flooring, its surface was relatively smooth, better brightness, waxing up actually superfluous.

Avoid strong direct sunlight to prevent the surface of the floor in advance chapped and aging. To close the windows in the rainy season, in order to avoid the rainy soaked floor. Note also the indoor ventilation, for distributing the moisture in the room, to maintain the normal room temperature is also conducive to the extension of the life of the floor.

Attention to small details daily life not to easily throw matches and cigarette ends on the floor, floor once charred, it will seriously affect the appearance and patch up a lot of trouble; avoid sharp objects, such as scissors, knives and the like to scratch the surface of the floor ; Do not drag in the moving of chairs, tables and other furniture; placed a Cengdeng mat at the door, to avoid the damage of gravel or other small stones on the floor; avoid containing gum drop objects on the floor, such as chewing gum, otherwise difficult to clean; should always pay attention to clean up stagnant oozing in the bathroom and the kitchen door.

Wood-plastic materials containing plastics and fibers, therefore, similar to the processing performance of the same wood, sawing, nailing, planing, use of woodworking appliances can be completed, and the nail holding power is superior to other synthetic materials. Mechanical properties superior to wood materials. Nail holding power is generally 3 times the timber, which is 5 times the particleboard. Ecological wood manufacturer

Good strength properties of wood materials, wood-plastic composite materials containing plastic, so they have better elastic modulus. In addition, due to containing fibers and fully mixed with the plastic, so it has hardwood fairly compressive, flexural and other physical and mechanical properties, and its durability significantly better than the ordinary wood materials. The high surface hardness, is usually 2 - 5 times timber.

Wood-plastic material with a water-resistant, corrosion-resistant performance, long service life, wood-plastic materials and their products compared to wood, strong acid and alkali resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and not the growth of bacteria, can not easily be destroyed by insects, not fungi. Long life, up to 50 years.

Excellent adjustable properties of the wood materials, the polymerization can occur by additives, plastic, foam, curing, and modification change, thereby changing the density, strength and other characteristics of the wood materials, but also can achieve anti-aging, anti-static, resistive fuel and other special requirements. Wood plastic composite manufacturing process


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