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What is the wear-resistant wood-plastic composite materials

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What is the wear-resistant wood-plastic composite materials Empty What is the wear-resistant wood-plastic composite materials

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What is the wear-resistant wood-plastic composite materials?

WPC can replace wood products in the construction field. HDPE and cellulose (bamboo powder, wood powder) from a specially processed, green, environmental protection, ecology, and truly recyclable wear wood-plastic composite material. With no rot, no distortion, no fading, no cracks, no maintenance, anti-moth, waterproof, resistant to moisture, to engage in corrosion, etc. outdoor floor
WPC and wood preservative, the similarities and differences?

The same point is: both suitable for outdoor use, since they are all anti-corrosion, no cracks. As unprocessed wood, there are the following differences: good quality wood products than wood preservative, the use of more durable. WPC is more economical and practical, the people must be felled hardwood, hardwood growing season for many years, fewer and fewer trees will result in a more hostile environment. Wood products contrast more affordable in the near future the price of hardwood will gradually increase your time in the next 10 years or more to grow the cost of time spent in removing stains, chemical agents, but the board plate can do better, wood products are HDPE and bamboo fibers processed from waste bamboo powder from the hardwood floor and other furniture manufacturers more than expected. Many companies will use the WPC, more environmentally friendly. Outdoor deck
Where is the most suitable use of wood flooring? Why, for more areas than the wood products?

WPC's performance a little better, because WPC is a mixture of high-density polyethylene and wood flour, water, moisture, corrosion, no deformation, no cracking, if there is one point rupture does not affect the overall structural.
The cost of wood floor higher than the wood products?

Not! When you consider whether you want to choose a better quality anti-corrosion wood, consider purchasing WPC, because in a few years later, you will find that the WPC save you more money and time.
How wood flooring and sauna installation costs of the board?

WPC floor installation is very convenient, simple, and cost savings. Because all products are mold by extruder, we consider in the design of mold installation problems, some screws and drill can be completed outdoor installation only. If you are interested can watch our web site on the floor installation wizard.
WPC can be used to do?

Wood flooring is ideal for outdoor selection in the areas of extensive, can be used for railings, landscaping, decorative doors and windows, fences, scenic areas, benches, picnic tables and trash, WPC maintenance-free characteristics different from traditional hardwood, wood preservative, and a free replacement plastic Composite Floor.


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