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Wood-plastic composite materials are a class of basic materials

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Wood-plastic composite materials are a class of basic materials Empty Wood-plastic composite materials are a class of basic materials

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Wood plastic flooring waterproof, free of formaldehyde, is the most radical innovation of a flooring industry, the most radical progress. outdoor deck chair

1, durable products, anti-aging, long life.

2, good stability, no cracking, no warping,

3, Product the appearance of natural wood grain, natural appearance, set reasonable ease, no section marks, no denim, no color.

4, can be nailed, planed, paint, can be sticky.

5, professional waterproof, mildew, corrosion, pest control, anti-bacterial.

6, simple construction and easy to use, easy to shape, toughness and high.

7, the product high temperature of 60 degrees, anti-low temperature of -30 degrees.

8, antistatic.

9, health and environmental protection products have been detected by food safety regulator, the manufacturing process does not use any glue without formaldehyde, cyanide, benzene and other harmful substances, eliminating the decoration pollution.

China's wood-plastic composite materials research and development began in the 1990s, a decade later than abroad. Since the late 1990s, with the wood packing material from China, the United States took the lead limit, research and development of China's wood-plastic materials, its technology into entering a period of rapid development. The beginning of the century, had become the prototype of the WPC industry in China. outdoor floor

Wood plastic, also called eco-wood, mainly waste plastic and twigs, tree branches, rice husks, agricultural straw and other plant fiber as raw material products, widely used for packaging, gardening, transportation, construction, home improvement, travel, interior and so on. Dual advantages of its blend of "wood" and "plastic", with environmental protection, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, pest control, fire-retardant, recyclable and so many advantages, is a highly promising low-carbon, green loop "material. Wood-plastic products according to their commonly used raw materials can be divided into two categories of PVC and PE with diverse colors, bright colors, complete specifications, different shapes, plasticity, and a strong sense of wood texture for interior, more unique decorative properties.

Wood-plastic composite materials are a class of basic materials covering a wide variety of products, diverse morphology, it fully reflects the circular economy, resource utilization, environmental health, saving alternative advanced concepts for the sustainable development of the economy. Most of its products have the comprehensive utilization of resources, protection of the environment and the resulting function, so in recent years gradually attracted the attention of the community. Currently, our government circular economy and build a conservation-oriented society "concept proposed to add a powerful impetus to the development of China's WPC industry.

1, wood flooring is usually from the entrance of the room to the room, laying or from side wall to the other sidewall laying more favorable.

2, to be laying the ground floor bedroom to inspect and repair. Households live in the floor to learn more about the resurgence of the Four Seasons ground. If serious resurgence, be sure to smear a layer of of waterproof asphalt or asphalt oil.

3, the central axis of the laying of the floor plan design is good, the axis is the baseline of the laying of the floor. Room in the same unit at the same time laying the planning and design of which axis is more important. Specifically, you can ask the site master.

4, Laying floor tiles carefully according to their quality, depth of color separation. Good quality, consistent color, try to shop on the center of the house and a prominent place, usually on-site chef will verbally inform.

5, the starting point of the laying of floor tiles must shop very structured, stable and strong. The starting point of both the tongue and groove flooring flat floor must be strong adhesive.

6, laying floor tiles, four limb of each plate and four Pro corner each other to maintain parallel and perpendicular to, and not a little mistake, because the error increases with the laying of the expansion of the area.

7, planing always pay special attention to its floor tiles texture vertical and horizontal direction, section scar size and planer knife to eat the amount of open fork, or cause cracked and uneven wave pattern, ineffective. Outdoor Deck Flooring


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