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Led floor wooden structure supporting sales

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Led floor wooden structure supporting sales Empty Led floor wooden structure supporting sales

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In the past two years, the "low-carbon", "green" and other emerging under the influence of public opinion, the wooden structure became a brand new hot spot in the entire real estate construction sector. Wooden architecture in China has become a concrete structure, light steel structure and said another major building system, to be used in many real estate projects throughout the country, the application is quite optimistic about the prospects. Excellent prospects driven, a lot of floor is no longer focused on the wood floor, but began to test the water to the pan-home industry, a well-known flooring company even recently. outdoor floor
Led floor wooden structure supporting sales

A well-known flooring company CEOs, Mr. Huang said, the wood floor is always the main focus of their company industry, to get involved not only does not affect the floor of the wooden structure building project project, also led the floor supporting sales and comprehensive utilization of raw materials. outdoor wall panel

The use of traditional wooden architecture in China can be traced back thousands of years, Europe and the United States also has a very long history of the use of wooden architecture. Currently, the Western developed countries, 90% are used in high-end residential wood frame houses. In China, due to the construction of urbanization is still in the development stage, the brick building is still the mainstream. However, with the progressive stages of social development, the quality of life improved, the pursuit of health, environmental protection, comfortable, casual living accommodation are bound to become a trend.

Launch of the log cabin floor company official said: "log cabin project is progressing very smoothly, very good development momentum, the company's the huts products in Yiwu Fair conference, the majority of consumers and media friends of all ages, there are more than 40 media on The huts products reported. huts items for supporting floors, staircases, mahogany furniture, finishes peg board, it has also led to supporting the development of related industries. "

The enterprise to build the is the Big Wood cultural industry chain, the culture of large wood = wood flooring + huts + stairs + wooden doors + mahogany furniture, in order to achieve balanced development and comprehensive development, the flooring enterprises to implement business unit management and shareholding management of the market mode, and the establishment of authorized to operate effectively and performance mechanisms.

2013 in the real estate industry is expected to continue to implement a tight control policies, urbanization, protection of housing construction and the Midwest development for the flooring industry provides a development opportunity.

Blacksmith but also its own hardware, only market-oriented, innovation, seek a new development model, and a new profit model, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the flooring industry, in order to remain invincible in the market.
The obvious energy seismic performance of wooden architecture

Timber belonging to the "negative carbon" building materials, the cured carbon because of the trees in the growth process more than the release of wood in the production and use of carbon. Studies have shown that the total energy consumption throughout the life cycle, the light steel structure buildings, followed by concrete structures, wooden building life cycle energy consumption is minimized. Light steel buildings energy consumption ratio wooden structure building large 31%, while the concrete structure building energy consumption is 30% higher than the wooden structure. The wooden structure with brick insulation composite wall structure residential heating energy consumption in Harbin measured comparative study shows that the heat insulation than brick and concrete composite structure residential light wood frame residential measured heating consumption savings of 41.99%. Development and promotion of modern wooden architecture technology, a new, viable option for our green building program to provide energy saving and carbon reduction.

With at earthquake-prone areas of Japan, through the promotion of excellent seismic performance of wooden architecture significantly reduces the the earthquake brought personnel and damage to property.

Civilian residential light wood structure structure weight of light is only 1/4 to 1/5 of the concrete weight, the weight of the timber, the buildings of the same volume, structure weight the smaller the earthquake by the smaller, so the light The quality of the wood structure by a small earthquake. Secondly, light wood frame dimension lumber do wall bone column orientation structure and stable performance, such as particleboard or plywood sheet for cladding panels, the formation of a good anti-side capacity of wood shear wall, which is the structure of the main lateral force resisting members; Finally, the of dense small cross section of the light wooden structure is a flexible structure, and have great structural redundancy and deformation capacity within a certain range, the structure can be deformed by its own energy consumption, and improve the overall security. When an earthquake occurs, under the combined effect of the three main features light wooden structure reflects the good seismic performance of "softness".

Be regarded as a "semi-professional" flooring industry compared with other industries, is relatively easy to enter the wooden structure, environmental protection and fashion market, so that, not only to expand the scope of the companies involved in the development of the enterprise itself a layer protection, but also driven by supporting sales floor and comprehensive utilization of raw materials. Of course, do have to think twice before any major decision, although many favorable conditions, but everything had to look at the comprehensive strength of the floor itself, as well as long-term planning. DIY Patio flooring


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