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Although flooring formaldehyde release limit GB upcoming amendments not get to the bottom of the rumors, but the floor was once again under the environmental performance of the industry and consumer concerns. One side is lagging behind, lose authoritative GB, one side is to meet consumer demand, and constantly update bursting with environmental technology, look around the entire industry, flooring companies seem to have gone beyond the old standard shackles. garden decking board

Thus attendant, then the floor is one of many enterprises to adopt environmental technologies varied, not the same. Eight Immortals recount these environmental technologies, whether it can be accepted by the market?
Floor green flower heads range, low-formaldehyde glue sought after by the business

For flooring products, the main source of formaldehyde adhesive, thus, reducing the formaldehyde release of the content of the key is to improve the use of adhesives. Commonly used in the flooring industry adhesive - on the basis of urea-formaldehyde glue, in order to reduce the release of formaldehyde greater index of many well-known companies are looking for upgrades or alternative adhesive products. Outside flooring materials

Chinese Academy of Forestry Research Institute of Wood Industry, Ye Kelin concluded: Flooring adhesive area is used by enterprises in the new technologies include a modified adhesive, phenolic glue, fibrin glue, etc. Some of these products through research and innovation to improve the performance of plastic, in the process making the above adjustments, improved the ratio of urea-formaldehyde glue; others is the use of soy protein and other plant and animal resources.

Since 2010, Mogan floor has been put "non-aldehyde floor" as the main concept of the consumer advocacy. Mogan floor general manager Tang Yuanming explained: "The non-aldehyde floor 'non' representatives do not urea-formaldehyde glue, instead of using corn starch glue."

If the corn starch glue is still loopholes, then glue the soybean sought after by more companies. Bender, Nature, Millennium boats, and other companies have introduced the main floor of soy protein glue flooring products. Some experts even claim that soy glue or can flooring industry really into "formaldehyde-free era." wpc supplier


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