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What is the nature soy rubber flooring unique

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What is the nature soy rubber flooring unique Empty What is the nature soy rubber flooring unique

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A long time, natural flooring always adhere to the concept of environmental health research and development, to provide consumers with healthy home products, the nature of natural soy vinyl floor new birth, and also shows a commitment to innovative natural flooring flooring industry in China and boostthe development of the industry's strong sense of mission. Wood plastic composite cladding

In recent years, food safety issues and events of the Da Vinci constant exposure, so consumers are more concerned about environmentally friendly household products. Natural flooring adhere to the environmental health of the dream: the most important new environmental flooring from 2007, the most important activity of the ecological paint the floor in 2008, the most important negative ion technology in 2009; soy glue cloud healthy floor to today - Nature soy glue floor, the highest floor and environmental level. Has a milestone not only for the development of China's wood industry; environmental indicators far exceed national standards, and can reach the world's most stringent environmental certification. Nature soy rubber flooring products come out, not only has been a qualitative leap in the product technology innovation; the natural flooring settled online store, and has also been an epoch-making core sales channels. Wood composite fence photos

What is the nature soy rubber flooring unique? First of all, this product uses a distinctive called soy glue adhesives. The adhesive is by natural soy refining, unchecked pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene.

How to Make the parquet adhesive? Soybean gum with natural soy, collecting quality soybean extract soybean oil, remaining down soybean meal, soybean protein extraction and activity of dissolved and physical reaction, the final form of soy glue. The whole process is a physical reaction, not a chemical reaction. Parquet each layer of wood chips and wood chips adhesive adhesive made ​​from soy glue the whole floor is very environmentally friendly, very healthy. As you can see from the data, the nature natural soy vinyl floor contrast and international indicators in the detection process. Contrast from the formaldehyde emission: the national standard minimum standards are E1 class, formaldehyde emission of less than or equal to 1.5mg / L; the European standards E0 level less than or equal to 0.5 mg / L,; U.S. standards is the most stringent standards in the world, it's formaldehyde emission of less than or equal to 0.2; soy rubber flooring is not detected formaldehyde, nature the natural soy rubber flooring health level to reach the global level. Plastic wood floor


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