Painting Composite Wood Door
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Composite decking products are building materials

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Composite decking products are building materials Empty Composite decking products are building materials

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Composite decking products are building materials manufactured using a mixture of plastic and wood fiber. Composite decking materials are very popular because they require less maintenance than wood and often use recycled materials. EverGrain composite decking uses a compression molding process that produces a beautiful wood grain texture in 9 natural colors. Evergrain composite decking is easy to install and is guaranteed with a 20 year warranty against rotting, splitting, splintering or termite damage. WPC decking product

WPC's have advantages over traditional wood products. In General they are more durable, weather-resistant, impervious to rot and wood eating organisms, easy to maintain and flexible for design and appearance specifications. They represent the newest trends in the building materials market.

Produced in China by Meixin Manufacturing. NewTech's goal is creating WPC products to revolutionize and improve the building products industry.

With better materials and advanced processing techniques, NewTech WPC decking is free from conventional wood problems such as splitting, warping and decay. Reducing the cost and need for replacement or repairs. Here are a few valuable benefits when choosing NewTech WPC decking for your home or business.

We endeavor to give the purchaser accurate and reliable information, but due to the variable of natural products we cannot assume any liability or suitability of the use of Brazilian Teak on any particular application. It is the responsibility of the owner & installer to test and determine the suitability of the use of these products in the final application. Wood plastic composite Decking

Composite is the type of decking that has been around the longest and historically has been the least expensive product. There are many different manufacturers of these products, many of whom offer multiple grades or versions in their product line. The differences between the different versions are usually cosmetics and/or price point. Most of the major brands will perform somewhat the same over time as far as color loss, durability, and susceptibility to staining, scratching, etc. Composite decking is made usually of plastics and wood fibers mixed together. If you look closely at most composite decking, you can see the wood fibers in the surface of the board.

Scratching of the decking may also be a concern. With some composite decking, it is possible to scratch the boards simply by sliding one over the other off the stack or by moving tools and personnel around the deck. We try to use extra care when constructing composite decks and any scratches or marring of the decking made during construction should fade with exposure to sunlight. This will also be true of minor scratching caused by furniture, pets, children's toys, etc. Sunlight is a great healer of composite decking. wood plastic composite Pergolas


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