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The flooring industry in China is still in the lower levels

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 The flooring industry in China is still in the lower levels  Empty The flooring industry in China is still in the lower levels

Post  Admin Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:23 pm

Throughout China's wood floor status and position in the chain of international industrial division of labor, and promote model transformation, not only to achieve the lower end of the industry chain manufacturing sectors to the two high-end R & D, design and brand marketing advance, more Seek flooring industry, the development of a new model in the new historical period.Wood plastic composite Decking

More and more of the grim economic situation at home and abroad, the flooring industry due to overcapacity caused more intense competition in the market. Business difficulties increase, benefits decline. After twenty years of rapid development, the long-term accumulation of structural contradictions of history, flooring industry as the market matures, success relies on a business opportunity opportunism has become increasingly prominent, the enterprise progress back to the technological progress and business model restructuring the basic point. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading has become a business imperative.

The flooring industry in China is still in the lower levels of the chain of international flooring industry, plays the role of the manufacturing part of the foundry business. Most of the flooring products are present due to the lack of design, lack of brand of low-grade, low-tech, low-value-added, low prices, the fight is the price cost ratio. Resulting in domestic flooring products abroad and hardly frivolous. The OEM mode allows domestic flooring businesses to pay a huge, but the harvest is minimal. Product homogeneity, the low end of the industry chain, OEM marketing model, along with the flooring industry through two decades of valuable golden period of rapid development. Heavily suppressed under suffered market predicament, rising costs, energy conservation, "winter" bump.WPC materials

Although China's flooring industry in the development of the market this year is not that everyone has that. But a lot of people in the industry feel that the flooring industry development in 2013, there are still a lot of opportunities and good omen. The flooring industry or by the favor of many talents. Brand flooring enterprise pursuit of more time in the development of innovative and outstanding talent requirements in terms of capital is well controlled. And profits have to have certain guarantees to attract talented people within various industries continuously into the flooring industry, constantly expanding the size of the flooring industry.

Face overcapacity serious resource and environmental pressures, costs continue to rise, the concentration of deep-seated contradictions outbreaks floor production and operation of enterprises facing a grim situation. Floor enterprise efforts to seek a new model of development through innovation, and to seek new profit growth point and new profit model, through independent innovation and independent brands, design, research and development and other ways to narrow the gap with international brands, and strive to promote the flooring industry transformation from low-end to high-end.

Cross-border integration will also be a sign of the development of the flooring industry in 2013. Throughout the home building materials market, many of the original doors and windows, bathroom or home industry operates also have added to the flooring industry in the past. Many business owners see the advantages of cross-border consolidation, during the construction of the brand is relatively easy, because in some industries in the building materials market than the flooring industry to be more mature and strong brand awareness.wood plastic composite supplier


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