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Quality hidden floor coverings in general

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Quality hidden floor coverings in general  Empty Quality hidden floor coverings in general

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Installed baseboard, neat and beautiful floor coverings buckle

Quality hidden floor coverings in general present in the baseboard, the construction of the buckle is prone to problems, the same time, the effect of the decoration is not pretty. Floor recommends that customers transition between the floor and the floor bar, buckle, neither beautiful, will swell. And in the floor of the pavement in the use of the baseboard, time for a long time, prone to create gaps between the baseboard and the floor, the gap between the water and into the dust, and a series of hidden existence, buckle connections so the ground connections stiff contrast, the effect of the decoration of the room is greatly reduced. Outdoor composite floor

Golden Eagle Iger is the introduction of a European-style Iger Lange complete pavement technology, the feature is not installed baseboard buckle to minimize expansion coefficient. Baseboard connection, not only completely solve the water inlet into the dust, and never will be because long-term use due to ground subsidence; buckle connection, not only do the connections between the floor and the floor, also the floor with marble, tile docking. Floor with cement overall convergence to avoid floor bagging. Entire pavement, and there is no trace of stitching marks, the flatness of the ground is natural, not contrived. Outdoor flooring porch
Advanced technology to solve a common problem in floor coverings

Floor coverings, the general problem is caused by the expansion of the ground sand, tide, concave, convex, crack, bagging, not mute. If the ground is flat muted, solid ground, beneath the floor will not bagging the ground is not wet the floor will not swell, three, it is precisely the basic conditions and requirements of floor coverings.

It is understood that, as a state-of-the-art technology of floor coverings, construction technology Iger Lange complete pavement technology use self-leveling ground automatic leveling, moisture-proof, anti-bacterial, its 110 degrees Gechao, layer with a non-toxic, harmless, high temperature other fine features. A unique PU link agent has a moisture-proof, dust-proof, high elasticity, corrosion-resistant floor to avoid mildew functionality Qiqiao. Outdoor flooring solutions


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